major league / been down that road b4

Found link to cussin’ Bush. Remembered other stuff I did last week. Hadn’t showered in two days. Had to fix busted pipe in wall. Removed outside wall first. Then insulation. Got stung by bee. Shrieked in pain. Iced down hand. Cringed like little girl when bugs inside wall scurried out in fear. Cut out bad […]


time is like a predator that wants to hunt you down

Overquoting Star Trek: Generations. Dented my Eclipse on Monday. Sucks. Pole holding up parking garage came right at me. Small dent in front driver’s side fender. Plan to buff off paint. Hoping to gain super powers temporarily and pop fender back into place. Wondering how to gain super powers temporarily. Watching old Incredible Hulk re-runs […]


time is the fire in which we burn

Shot terrible pool last night. Someone tried to make flag football joke about my shirt. Amateur. No one laughed. Turned 31. Letting too many things slide. Need to consolidate. Want to take the Oktober Technique on things: If I’m not using something, it’s trash. Based on theory, I’ve got a pile of trash in living […]


logan’s run

Last day to be 30. Stayed in last night. Shooting pool tonight. Can’t find any record of a toy I used to have. USS Enterprise with a tiny fan in the hull, tied to a short metal guide pole, with a wired remote. You could fly it in circles and make it go up and […]



Saw the final episode of Survivor last night. Upset to hear the host will be coming back for Survivor II. Pondered signing up to be on the show. Did a search and found out the entry deadline had passed. Decided I’d try out for Survivor III. Printed out Survivor II entry form anyway. Leaving it […]


coffee syrup

Hit the freeway at 8 A.M. Drove 2 M.P.H. for one mile. Saw two car fender bender had been holding me up the whole time. Drove 90 after I got past it. Remembered the ticket from yesterday. Looked for school zone signs. Didn’t see any. Kept driving.


reign, reign, go away

Suddenly realized that Star Wars: Episode II won’t come out til’ 2002. Pondering idea to make a video from the instrumental version of Long Hard Road Out of Hell. Need to buy a decent computer and a scanner. Wondering why so many credit card companies want me to sign up all of a sudden. Decided […]


absent mind

Keep forgetting to drop off bills in the mail. Trying the string around finger technique. Kept over-tightening string. Finger turning blue. I forget lots of stuff when that happens. Setting up workspace today. Wondering if I should make sign that says MINE MINE MINE. Not feeling selfish so I decide not to. Tomorrow is yet […]


cracked skull

Found out my dog likes to chew on the DeLorean. Bought dog a $5 chew bone. Looking to buy a thin saw to make replacement flux dispersal pinnings. Photos will follow. Saw a buddy’s band play across the street at the Mausaleum last night. Went to #’s after that. Spent lots of time on the […]


seams okay / suspension bridges falling down

Check out my logic: Found chips and salsa in the fridge. Couldn’t recall ever purchasing chips and salsa. Did a fuzz check on the salsa. Ate chips and salsa. Woke up. Looked at clock. Went back to sleep. Drooled on pillow. Woke up again to sound of phone vibrating on counter. Looked at number. Didn’t […]