05-Sep-2000 Uncategorized

major league / been down that road b4

Found link to cussin’ Bush. Remembered other stuff I did
last week. Hadn’t showered in two days. Had to fix busted pipe in wall. Removed outside wall first. Then insulation.
Got stung by bee. Shrieked in pain. Iced down hand. Cringed like little girl when bugs inside wall scurried out in fear.
Cut out bad piece. Cut new piece. Cut hand. Spent 30 minutes trying to put new piece on with bleeding hand. Spent another 30 minutes melting
solder with propane torch onto pipe. Solder wouldn’t seal. Kept dripping off pipe. Grunted in agony.
Torch kept blowing out from wind. Ran out of matches. Grunted in agony again. Bought cool ass lighter from corner store.
Spent next 15 minutes on web researching ‘How To Solder Pipe.’ Went back to pipe. Heated the s**t out of pipe with torch. Solder then
decided it was cool with me. Capillary action kicks ass. Solder sealed pipe. I quickly re-attached outside wall
with fast drill and jumped into shower. Kissed shower head.

The Texas governor was unaware his microphone was live when he leaned over to his running mate, Dick Cheney, at a Labor Day rally and said, "There’s Andy Clymer, major-league asshole from the New York Times."

Cheney replied, "Oh yeah, he is, big-time."

George Bush kicks ass. In other news. Got The Matrix on DVD Thursday. Watched it three times. Once with actor/editor commentary.
Once normal. Once with composer commentary. Thursday night I dreamt of watching a version with Ross Perot commentary. Perot kept
recognizing the Agents as his bodyguards. "Now, look there, that’s Fred Gantry, my secret service agent from 1992!"
Didn’t do much during weekend. Accidentally scraped garage door against my Eclipse hood. Ugh. Washing and waxing helped some.
Buffed off paint from garage pole incident. Tried to bend back dent with hand. Didn’t work. Hand hurts.
Played basketball on Labor Day.
Lost twice. Got scratched by Violett. Didn’t call foul. Wonder how quickly I can grow out my nails before next game.
Want to see The Cell. Rented Dogma and Sleeper on DVD. Still haven’t watched them. Due back Friday.
Need to pay bills. Does the fun ever start? Bought basketball from Toys R Us. Couldn’t locate purple baby. Planning return trip.