seams okay / suspension bridges falling down

Check out my logic: Found chips and salsa in the fridge. Couldn’t recall ever purchasing chips and salsa. Did a fuzz check on the salsa. Ate chips and salsa. Woke up. Looked at clock. Went back to sleep. Drooled on pillow. Woke up again to sound of phone vibrating on counter. Looked at number. Didn’t […]


male call / black walls and no flashlight

Got mail. New Maxim Magazine, a bill, and a money order for 5 Canadian dollars. Can’t concentrate. Canadian dollars are from some girl who wanted the prints I took of Seth Green. Figured this was a quick way to make 5 Canadian bucks. Wondering how the hell I am supposed to cash this. Flipped through […]


take me out / solaris rotation 31

I just got tickets to see the Astros play tonight. I have recently learned how to whistle at levels over 125 decibles so hopefully I’ll be able to annoy people in the sections around me everytime we start to kick ass. Baseball is really too slow for me, but I plan to make the most […]


the astronaut’s wife

I went to see The Astronaut’s wife on Friday night, not knowing that New Line had refused to allow critics to review the film prior to opening night. This is usually the sign of a stinker, but I’d had a busy day and didn’t do my homework. I’d even imbibed one beer prior to coming […]


my home page on this day

Click here to see me in my cheesey Basic Instinct parody photo. Click here to see me shaking hands with Colonel Oliver North. ViewListing Last Updated: September 9, 1996 Click for Star Trek action figure pictures from Huntsville, Alabama. Click here to visit The MOD Site. Click here to visit Please direct any comments or […]


labay jr. high

I’m still at Labay after teaching here for five days. Got some assigned reading from college out of the way. What? I didn’t actually read every book that I was supposed to have read? How is that possible? Ahem. Ummm. Well, let’s just say it is. My blog entry on 11/29/1995 is coming to fruition […]


miss my blue pen

I lost my blue pen at Thornton. It was actually stolen, but you can never be too sure about theft when you’re as absent-minded as me. Unless someone takes your clothes out of the dryer, for example, then theft would seem more obvious. I’m going through all the pens in Mr. Fuch’s desk (don’t laugh […]


thornton jr. high

It is miserably cold outside. Before leaving my house, I briefly toyed with the idea of bringing my cell phone with me. I chose not to. Oops. I drove up 529 with no problem until I got to Langham Creek. The car started to lose power right as I passed the school. flooring the gas […]


unknown number

Missed the sub office phone call today when they used a phone number I’d never seen before on my Pager ID program. I thought about forwarding just their phone calls to my cell phone, but it turns out the Selective Call Forwarding service would end up costing me $60 !?! I spent the day upgrading […]


goodbye pager

The cellular has finally begun to pay for itself today. Got the call to work at Truitt Junior high today while en route taking my dad to work. The only bad thing about answering a cellular call is that whoever is calling you doesn’t consider how much it costs you to talk. Sure, 25 cents […]