22-Aug-2000 Uncategorized

reign, reign, go away

Suddenly realized that Star Wars: Episode II won’t come out til’ 2002. Pondering idea to make a video from the instrumental
version of Long Hard Road Out of Hell. Need to buy a decent computer and a scanner. Wondering why so many credit card
companies want me to sign up all of a sudden. Decided that if I was stuck in The Matrix, I’d probably take the blue pill.
Got a speeding ticket on San Felipe this morning. Cop said I was in a school zone. Told him I didn’t see any signs. Cop
tells me they’ve been there for 20 years. Told him I haven’t driven down this road before, what difference does that make.
Cop grunted and walked off with my ID. Thought about how I now have 3 pending tickets. Cop noticed my car inspection expired
last month. Couldn’t think of an excuse for that. Got car inspected later. Exxon guy was all, ‘You have a nice day, young
man.’ He must have been at least 75. This Exxon had Full Service. Wanted to ask what I got if I drove into the full service
pump. Didn’t ask. Saw The Klumps on Sunday night. Sucked. Sat through the whole thing since I’d paid
for it. Hoping Klumps III never makes it out the gate. Wondering if Eddie Murphy has a deal with the devil as it seems
he hasn’t aged a day since 1987.