The huge mass of students playing cards in the back is gone this time around in Ms. Dickson’s Activity Period. Normal banter now prevails. Sports talk fills the air thanks to the newspaper I swiped from the History Department. You’ve got to know where all the freebies are on campus. Free coffee, free newspapers, and… […]


slobs gone wild

At Jersey Village High School this morning. This has *got* to be the messiest classroom I have ever set foot in. I spent almost the entire first conference period cleaning up just the corner where Ms. Stoker keeps her dress… err… her desk. Why did I say dress? My mind is on how freakin’ dirty […]


the substitute

Okay… so the year ended and I only got to Act III in my DS9 episode’s rough draft outline!? I can see it, it’s just taking the time to translate it to TV spec script which is difficult. I’m too lazy. I resolve to be less writer-lazy. Today I’m Debbie Hill, History Department Chair of […]


phone home

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (reindeer) Had a bright and shiny nose And if you ever saw it (saw it) You would even say it glows (like E.T.’s nose when he picks it with his bright and shiny red finger)


seventeen magazine

When students start referring to the movies AIRPLANE and AIRPLANE 2 as classics, I know I’m getting older. Amy K, a girl who I had delivered a Seventeen magazine to for months and months and months when I was a slave for the Houston Chronicle, is in the class I am substituting for at this […]


while you were sleeping

I’m recovering from seeing a sleeping student fall out of her chair unexpectedly. All seems okay. I have not heard the sound of rushing ambulances draw closer to the school. She walked away without a wheelchair and that’s good enough for me. Next time I catch one of them sleeping my water gun is coming […]


a teacher’s journal

Not sure what to write about in the journal. Got to start sometime. Now, as I’m residing over Ms. Hogue’s 12th grade Government K class, 4th period, I find that I’ve got some free time again. I really ought to carry around a book and get caught up on all of the reading that I […]


press release

Playmates Toys has done it again! Now you can recreate one of the most emotional and touching scenes in screen history with the new Captain James T. Kirk Rock Burial Playset. Yes, that’s right! You too can bury the legendary Captain James T. Kirk with Playmates’ highly detailed rock playset. Bury him in your room, […]


san antonio trip: day 3

More of the same and in the same truncated to the point format: Fictitiously pointing out that our rooms were 335 and 334 (grandparents please take note). Returning to the post office to mail Rona a letter Mark plays with a voice changer at the corner store Betsy applies sun tan lotion in public (apparently […]