31-Aug-2000 Uncategorized

time is like a predator that wants to hunt you down

Overquoting Star Trek: Generations.
Dented my Eclipse on Monday. Sucks. Pole holding up parking garage came right at me. Small dent in
front driver’s side fender. Plan to buff off paint. Hoping to gain super powers temporarily and pop fender back into place.
Wondering how to gain super powers temporarily. Watching old Incredible Hulk re-runs and taking notes.
Ate sushi for lunch. Sushi is good.
Lots of friends don’t like it. What better way to eat raw meat? Bad county music in sushi restaurant ruined primal feel of
eating raw meat. Going back today. Bringing ear plugs.
Used a vacation day on Tuesday.
Hot water pipe in wall broke. Vacation day was screwed. Action figures on other side of wall were OK. Zip-lock bags rule.
Can’t find hammer. Please hammer, don’t hurt ’em. Buying hammer later today. Courtroom drama on Tuesday was cool.
Took forever to call my docket. Two dudes next to me chickened out when DA chick said their cop was there. I was all,
"Bring me the bastard! I’ve got evidence!" DA chick smirked and offered defensive driving. Lots of fees and costs
involved. I gave her the hand.
Sat back down. Waited. Waited some more. Eight people left waiting for jury trail in the end. Clerk asked us to come up
after everyone else left. Went into judge’s chambers. Lots of wood and books. Judge was nice. Offered a sweet deal —
no fines, don’t pay anything, just take defensive driving. Asked if this counted against taking it again for another
ticket. Answer: "No, this is special." I was all, "Special, like we’re in a warp bubble in our own little world?"
After long pause, judge says, "Riiiiiight." Kick ass.
Spent Wednesday in Jacksonville. Nothing to see. Realized today that my chihuahua won’t be coming back.
Neice accidentally broke
its arm 2+ years ago.
She was 4. She turns 7 in November. Old enough now for a dog, I guess. Remembering when she was born. Purple baby.
Wondering if I’ll ever get a purple baby. Plotting visit to Toys R Us to ask for a purple baby.