26-Aug-2000 Uncategorized

logan’s run

Last day to be 30. Stayed in last night. Shooting pool tonight. Can’t find any record of a toy I used to have.
USS Enterprise with a tiny fan in the hull, tied to a short metal guide pole, with a wired remote.
You could fly it in circles and make it go up and down. I used to be easily amused. Lasted me about 6 months before
I fell over it one day. That sucked. That was, like, in 1976. Started cutting wood to replace dog-damaged time machine
parts. Metallic black spray paint is cool. Looking for other things in my house that could use a coat of metallic
black spray paint. Contenders thus far: spare toilet, my computer case + mouse + keyboard + monitor + webcam
(I want to paint everything black, even the keys) and all keys on my keychain. Still looking
for other half to my keychain. Keys on there are rarely used. Still, I miss ’em. Considering mowing my lawn or washing
dog. Dog will win since he can howl to express discontent. Saw a cartoon this morning with Hippy the Hip Hop Hippo.
Laughed my ass off. Picked up my ass after cartoon was over.