san antonio trip day 2

Here’s a running summary of today’s activities. Day 1 was the ride up to San Antonio last night featuring a hotel check-in and dinner at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant off the riverwalk. Leaving the hotel and Betsy telling me that her grandparents can never EVER see this video. Oops. Betsy discovers she’s wearing brown shoes and […]


St. Goar, Germany Thru Wurzburg, Germany

Mark: “Strike that last entry. Mental Note: Never bring a tape recorder out in a public place. NEVER! Well, not in a restuarant. Anyway, we’re going up a…” Dawn: “…very steep hill…” Mark: “…to Rheinfels Castle where…” [indecipherable] “…Anyway, I’m damn tired, okay?” Dawn: [panting] “No joke.” Mark: [also panting] “It is a steep hill! […]


Airborne Over The Atlantic Flying To Frankfurt, Germany

Mark: [groggily] “It’s 8:53 A.M. German time and we are in a plane and we are really, major suffering on jet-lag and I think that we maybe slept for half and hour because the night only lasted about two or three hours — it really bites. You really can’t sleep on an airplane seat because […]


Mickey Leland Internation Airport In Houston, TX

Mark: “We’re at the check-in window now.” Dawn: “Hi.” Peter Farrow: “Why don’t you turn it on?” Mark: “It IS on.” Peter Farrow: “Why don’t you put a tape in it?” Mark: “There is a tape in it.” Dawn: “Is it going?” Mark: “Yes. It’s going. We’re being checked in now at the Continental Terminal […]



I dug up the demon dialer program I wrote in 1983 and let it loose for old time’s sake. The results below include incremental dialing from 7137491000 through 7137497999 (UH) and 7139370000 through 7139375500 (NW Houston). The format you’ll see below first lists the number which had a successful connection, the estimated baud rate, and […]


my ti 99/4a bbs

This is the codebase for the B.B.S. (bulletin board system) program I developed from 1983 to 1987 as of today. 10 DIM DA$(12),LG$(25),MEM$(50),GD$(50) 100 GOTO 110 :: CALL CHAR :: CALL JOYST :: A$,AA$,AB$,AC$,AD$,B$,C$,CL$,OL$,D$,DAT$,EN$,F$,FILE$,FX$,LT$,M$,MSG$,NAME$,PHONE$,PR$,PRV$,PSWRD$,PX$,ST$,T$=”” 101 DU$,TITLE$,V$,VA$,VAR$,VER$,YN$,_$,DA$(12),BNAME$(10),BORDER$(10),LAST$(3),DECK$(4)=”” :: A,B,BASEMSG,BOARD,BRD,C=0 102 CALNUM,CH,D,FIND,G,H,HST,K,LG,LINE,LN,LVL,MX,O,R,S,SS,TAG,TI,U,X,XPERT,Y,YY,Z,ZZ,FLS(5),MSG(4),V(4),E(4)=0 103 CALL ERR :: CALL KEY :: CALL LINK :: CALL LOAD :: CALL SOUND […]


my bbs listed on net.source

Click here to hop straight to my BBS entry. While I’m listed a NETWORKS site running on Apple ][ my site is actual a reverse engineered copy that I programmed myself on a Texas Instruments 99/4A Home Computer. Relay-Version: version B 2.10 5/3/83; site utzoo.UUCP Posting-Version: version B 2.10.1 6/24/83; site sdchema.UUCP Path: utzoo!watmath!clyde!bonnie!akgua!sdcsvax!sdcc3!sdchema!bam From: […]


touring the boards

By RON ALBRIGHT One of the great joys of my life is to visit as often as I can with some very special friends. These nice people let me use their equipment, borrow their programs, use their files, and tie up their phone lines. Must really be lifelong friends, you must be thinking. Well friends […]


Vocabulary #15

Mrs. Dark Mark Shields English I-1 January 23, 1984 Vocabulary #15 Root Word- nocturnas -in the night Root Word- lemma -proposition; principle 151. dilemma-(noun)-1. Situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives; difficult choice. {Sentence}- The mother faced a dilemma when her child was in need of a kidney. 152. element-(noun)-1. Substance that cannot be […]