2016 Update

I know — my blogging frequency is awful. Since my last very technical post I’ve done the following: Gotten Married Moved to Houston Bought a Trailer Continued To Collect Arcade Games Renovated My Houston House Got A New Job Created An Alter-Ego I’ll post a bit more on these during the weekend. To check out […]


Back In Hotlanta

I’m posting a blog entry from the considerably better than before C terminal in the Atlanta airport. It actually has a considerably longer name than that, but I’m going to fallback on my position that I’m a lazy blogger and not bother looking it up. I’ve been here before — just search on Atlanta Airport […]


Obviously I’m in no hurry to post

Okay, so it’s been a year that the site has been up and I posted one entry a year ago. Is the age of the blog dead? Am I just incredibly lazy thanks to the micro-status update movement of social media? Probably.


mark returns

Okay, I decided to resurrect the blog due to the fact that my 3 year experiment in suppressing one’s online presence has been a marginal success. I had to drop the MovableType as they aren’t really keeping up with WordPress from a universally accepted software option. MovableType 5.whatever.something was released by Takeshi Nick Osanai and, […]



The next phase for MarkShields.com is starting. I’m in the process of uploading all of my media that’s been previously hosted here into Facebook. The truth is that, while having a blog as a standalone piece since 2000 has proven useful in earning my SEO black belt, it’s also proven to me that without a […]