24-Aug-2000 Uncategorized


Saw the final episode of Survivor last night. Upset to hear the host will be coming back for Survivor II. Pondered signing up
to be on the show. Did a search and found out the entry deadline had passed. Decided I’d try out for Survivor III.
Printed out Survivor II entry form anyway. Leaving it on my desk to impress people. Got my Blackberry wireless email service
to work. There is no escape now. Going out for drinks with company friends. Thinking I’m going to start a tab on my plastic
and save the trouble of hitting an ATM. Wondering when the new One Dollar Bill will come out. Decided that driving with
my convertible’s top down during 95 degree weather is bad. Need to start my woodworking to repair DeLorean. People want to
sit in it but I want the door to open without killing me. People want to drive it but I want it to stop overheating.
People either think it’s cool or that I’m a freak for owning it. They’re right.