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Back In Hotlanta

I’m posting a blog entry from the considerably better than before C terminal in the Atlanta airport. It actually has a considerably longer name than that, but I’m going to fallback on my position that I’m a lazy blogger and not bother looking it up. I’ve been here before — just search on Atlanta Airport […]


Obviously I’m in no hurry to post

Okay, so it’s been a year that the site has been up and I posted one entry a year ago. Is the age of the blog dead? Am I just incredibly lazy thanks to the micro-status update movement of social media? Probably.


mark returns

Okay, I decided to resurrect the blog due to the fact that my 3 year experiment in suppressing one’s online presence has been a marginal success. I had to drop the MovableType as they aren’t really keeping up with WordPress from a universally accepted software option. MovableType 5.whatever.something was released by Takeshi Nick Osanai and, […]



The next phase for is starting. I’m in the process of uploading all of my media that’s been previously hosted here into Facebook. The truth is that, while having a blog as a standalone piece since 2000 has proven useful in earning my SEO black belt, it’s also proven to me that without a […]


rent uncle rico’s van from napoleon dynamite

Only a year after buying a 2010 Camaro 2SS — otherwise known as the Transformers Bumblebee, I’ve done it again. Click here to check out the screen used 1975 Dodge Tradesman Van — otherwise known as Uncle Rico’s Van. Yes, the real van. Uncle Rico not included (provide your own).


texas instruments professional computer (tipc)

I’m attempting to get all of the data off my old MFM hard drives which date back to 1983 through 1985. There’s literally an inch of dust caked into these things, but that’s not what’s really annoying. The computer these run on is a Texas Instruments Professional Computer (TIPC). Never heard of it? They never […]


my work laptop, my enemy

My work laptop automatically receives updates to do little things to itself (that’s what she said) at odd times. Install something new here, update this, patch that… and all of these things usually conclude with the laptop rebooting itself without my approval. I’ve kept the machine pure — meaning I haven’t defiled any of the […]