27-Aug-2000 Uncategorized

time is the fire in which we burn

Shot terrible pool last night. Someone tried to make flag football joke about my shirt. Amateur. No one laughed.
Turned 31. Letting too many things slide. Need to consolidate. Want to take the Oktober Technique on things:
If I’m not using something, it’s trash. Based on theory, I’ve got a pile of trash in living room. Fell over Maxim
magazine I’d left on living room floor. Realized that two of four wood pieces I’ve made for Time Machine have to be thinner.
Felt my hands cramp up at thought of more wood cutting. Procrastination is giving me grief. Should work on that.
Wondering if I’m easily disappointed. Parents got me a DVD player and three Star Trek DVDs. My parents kick ass.
Sister got me cool black Polo t-shirt. Problem of what to wear tomorrow solved. Wishing there was a way to unsee
things I have seen. Traffic court on Tuesday, 8 A.M. Can’t remember what for. Dug out
ticket from wallet. Speeding 89/65 in February 2000. Toll way troll cop, Harris County Precinct 5.
He was all, "Caught ya! Caught ya!"
Plead not guilty, trial by jury. Assistant DA was all, "So, you think you’re qualified to pick a jury?"
Yes. Smart ass.
Trial #2 on 9/21, 8 P.M. "Changing lanes without signaling." Ha. In truth, I did signal.
Cop pulled me over for what he called "aggressive driving." I replied, "Not aggressive. Sports car.
Handles easily. Sue me." Cop had to save face. Reason for ticket turned into ‘changing lanes.’
Easy court (HPD). Last ticket from few days ago is also HPD, arraigned on 9/26, 2 P.M. Pleading not guilty on
speeding 20/30. Paying fine for ‘expired inspection.’ Can’t figure out how to get out of that. May need to research.
Pondering radar detector purchase.