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super genius movie reviews

I was flying back from Los Angeles to Minneapolis in the afternoon a week ago when I wrote this blog entry. I thought that I’d post some reviews of the films I’ve seen at the theaters recently. Sam is a huge movie fan and I haven’t had someone to see movies with for so long […]


the super genius and mark wahlberg

"You’ll have to go around to the short red carpet, sir." I was perplexed by the nameless security guard, but took the situation in stride knowing that I was having a conversation with him because of a fortunate set of circumstances in the late 1990s. I walked around the fenced off red carpet and passed […]


tenacious d: pick of destiny

I saw TENACIOUS D: THE PICK OF DESTINY yesterday at the Southdale. I learned two things while I was sitting in the theater. One, that the Southdale Mall is the oldest indoor mall in the United States. That’s not too hard to believe since it’s freakin’ 3 degrees outside right now. The second thing I […]


superman returns review

I just returned from watching SUPERMAN RETURNS a second time. I went to an old school non-stadium seating theater that’s just up the road from my apartment at Excelsior and I-100. I’m breaking up this review into a few components in order to maintain focus and not turn into a blathering idiot. I decided not […]