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girl scouts + superman

Got an email today from a guy interested in attaining a copy of my 1983 broadcast of SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE. I’m still working on my response to him in GMail. As I’ve mentioned in previous super movie geeky blog entries, my dad and I recorded this when it first premiered on broadcast television. It was […]


the superman stormtrooper

Hey now. This is a short little entry I’m making because another blogger linked to my Superman deleted scenes. He requested the scene where the ”stormtrooper” gets blown away. In the extended DVD release that came out in 2001, you see the Kryptonian council detecting that Jor-El is using ”too much energy” so surely something […]


shut down

The following blog post is in honor of the brain crushing headache I’ve had for the last three days, plus as a final anecdote to the memory of the Relationship That Wasn’t Meant To Be™ with the aforementioned totally out of my league slash super-intelligent writer hottie Tisha. There will be no more practicing out […]


even more diversionary tactics

I’m home sick today. I’d been hoping to do some work with Actuate but I ended up drugged out sleeping most of the day. So, since I have nothing more of interest to say, I thought this would be an ideal time to post another edition of Deleted Scenes From Superman The Movie That I […]


more diversionary tactics

As I try to shrug off a possible sore throat today, I’d like to publish another round of my deleted scenes from SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE that I got off my 1982 recording of the ABC broadcast. This is just a quick reaction shot of the guys who are driving up to the scene of Miss […]


diversionary tactics

Lex Luthor is gritting his teeth, waiting to see if Otis is going to figure out what he’s doing wrong. After waiting several moments, Luthor finally questions Otis: ”Mr. Otis, do you live in England?” Otis thinks about this for a moment, as if it’s a trick question. Can you guess what he’s going to […]



In this quick deleted scene from SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE, the reporters who have been watching Superman save Lois and the falling helicopter from crashing down are arguing over what just happened. I’m like: ”What’s the big deal? A man in a blue skintight suit just jumped into the air and defied gravity. A lot. Yeah, […]


feeling catty

On Superman’s first night out protecting Metropolis, he spots a cat burglar scaling the side of a tall building. This extended sequence features said burglar passing a seemingly oblivious late night worker. My bet is that Donner took this out because the suction cups are making so much noise and it’s not believable that the […]


superman memories

Before I last left Houston, I captured two more samples of deleted scenes from my 1982 copy of the ABC presentation of SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE. In the first scene, the military reacts to the missiles going haywire all of a sudden. The sequence starts off with a general asking if the bomb can be knocked […]


more superman deleted scenes

I’ve got two more little gems to post from my cache of deleted scenes from Superman: The Movie. The first is a really nice little piece featuring Jimmy Olsen (Marc McClure) as he emulates Perry White while speaking to a coworker. Jimmy apparently has some authority over this guy. He is promptly humiliated when Perry […]

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