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article about lasik

The AP newswire has an awesome article about LASIK now that it’s been available for 10 years. The guy they interviewed for the article had the same procedure that I did. I never lost a pair of glasses, however, so that part is all him.


9 month update

Now that winter has set in the moisture in the air is nearly gone and my vision has had a slight change as a result. I was aware that getting LASIK during the winter is the best time to do it because your vision is slightly poorer during the cold dry months of the year […]


no more license restrictions

My errands before my departure to included hooking up my ancient fax machine so I could get proof of insurance for the day to get my car registration done, renewing my driver’s license, replacing a car battery, fixing the garage door, and packing up my Media Center PC and replacing it with my older Sony […]


last appointment

Seeing as how I have way too much time to write about anything, I figure I’ll give you a LASIK update. I had my last appointment for the year when I was in Houston for my court appearance. They told me I didn’t have to come back until 2006. My vision is 20/15 with both […]


teary eyed

How about a LASIK update? I think the last two days have definitely been eerie in that I almost forget I had the surgery. No more fuzz in the left eye. I’m like a hawk. In lower light conditions there are still halo issues, but nothing I can’t ignore and they do seem to be […]


LASIK update

Things still fluctuate on occasion with the vision. I had my 10 day appointment and my eyes working together see 20/20. The left eye still has a teensy tiny bit of fuzz on things that are close to me, but since my right eye is dominant I don’t notice it. I know, I’m repeating myself. […]



Thursday, Day Seven: Let me just get this entry out of the way. For the most part, the number of instances where things get a little distorted has been greatly reduced. There are still halos and starbursts at night, but I can tell that they are also reducing in frequency. My left eye seems to […]


the ebay song

Nobody bid on my car, even though there were 18 ”watchers” over the auction. I’ve re-listed the car here with some adjustments so I can avoid the re-listing fee. Good times. Buy my car. Tuesday, Day Five: As far as LASIK goes, the improvements are in tiny increments. I’m very impatient. I drove the DeLorean […]


the lasik saga continues

Friday, (technically) Day One: The 1 PM meeting at LasikPlus indicated I’m seeing 20/20 out of my right eye and my left eye is around 20/40. There is swelling, however, and this is supposed to change and fluctuate over the next few days. I drove home from work today in my car without any problems […]


my lasik experience

On Monday I walked into the LasikPlus office off Hempstead and 59 in Houston, Texas. I was given the most complicated set of tests to measure my visual acuity that I’d been given in a long time. My most recent prescription was -7.50 sphere, -1.25 cylinder, 174 axis in my right eye (i.e. really bad) […]

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