29-Nov-1995 Uncategorized

a teacher’s journal

Not sure what to write about in the journal. Got to start sometime. Now, as I’m residing over Ms. Hogue’s 12th grade Government K class, 4th period, I find that I’ve got some free time again.

I really ought to carry around a book and get caught up on all of the reading that I missed out on while in college. Cliff’s Notes should be banned from the earth, although I must be honest and admit that I own at least 20 of them. Okay, 30 of them. I’m not sure of the exact number since one does not really display them alongside the real textbooks that I paid $60 a piece for that I am keeping because I either A) like the book, B) think I may need the book again or C) don’t like the book and don’t think I need the book again, but I screwed up and missed Buy Back day. I never thought I would cringe at the words ”new edition available.” Some of those jerk textbook writers rearrange paragraph structure and call that a new edition. Hmmm