16-Jan-1996 Uncategorized

slobs gone wild

At Jersey Village High School this morning. This has *got* to be the messiest classroom I have ever set foot in. I spent almost the entire first conference period cleaning up just the corner where Ms. Stoker keeps her dress… err… her desk. Why did I say dress? My mind is on how freakin’ dirty it is in here. I got some toner on my dress shirt but it padded off. Yuck. I’m not that clean or neat, but I have to have some semblance of order to function properly.

The students in this RTV (radio and television) class are a pretty lazy lookin’ bunch. I’m debating where to enforce the reading of The History of NBC packet or just let it go due to the chaos that is this room. At least she’s a department chair and has two periods off. Another plus is that 3rd period will be in the library.

Man, I’d kill for a wet paper towel right about now. Go figure.