04-Jan-1996 Uncategorized

the substitute

Okay… so the year ended and I only got to Act III in my DS9 episode’s rough draft outline!? I can see it, it’s just taking the time to translate it to TV spec script which is difficult. I’m too lazy. I resolve to be less writer-lazy.

Today I’m Debbie Hill, History Department Chair of Langham Creek High School’s History department. I’ve got a phone in this classroom, a first for a non-choir or music type related class. Toni Seeger, my old French teacher from the 1984-1985 sophomore year at Jersey Village High School, *was* working here until just last year. Thought I’d be able to track her down while I was here, but unfortunately I missed her. Ms. Collins might be another teacher from back in the day. I’ll find out. The 4th period class is so far the most interesting