28-Feb-1993 Uncategorized

san antonio trip: day 3

More of the same and in the same truncated to the point format:

  • Fictitiously pointing out that our rooms were 335 and 334 (grandparents please take note).
  • Returning to the post office to mail Rona a letter
  • Mark plays with a voice changer at the corner store
  • Betsy applies sun tan lotion in public (apparently this is why we were at the aforementioned corner store)
  • Donating money to Save Hunger coalition guy on the street. Betsy (to me): "Your shorts are too tight." Ewww.
  • Looking at a Canadian penny covered car outside the wax museum
  • Charlie, the wax museum ticket cutter guy, instructs me on video camera etiquette
  • Wax museum and Ripley’s tour. Betsy screams like a banshee at one point.
  • Late dinner at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant (a second time!) by the Riverwalk
  • I’ve locked myself out of my car and Betsy can’t find her ring (the ugly one from yesterday?)
  • Phone calls on the road home (in case we flip the car?)
  • Riding home into the sunset and chatting while Betsy films me.