18-Nov-1994 Uncategorized

press release

Playmates Toys has done it again! Now you can recreate one of the most
emotional and touching scenes in screen history with the new Captain James T.
Kirk Rock Burial Playset. Yes, that’s right! You too can bury the legendary
Captain James T. Kirk with Playmates’ highly detailed rock playset. Bury him
in your room, outside in the yard, in your trunk, in the middle of no where,
IT DOESN’T MATTER! — Just like in the movie! And if you act now,
Playmates will include the new “Where’s Jimbo?” illustrated book. Similar
to “Where’s Waldo?” this limited collector’s edition book features 70
different pages of fun-filled drawings. You’ll have hours of fun trying to
locate the cleverly hidden grave of Captain Kirk. It’s a game the whole
family will enjoy, and it’s only from Playmates!