18-Aug-2000 Uncategorized

seams okay / suspension bridges falling down

Check out my logic: Found chips and salsa in the fridge. Couldn’t recall ever purchasing chips and salsa. Did a fuzz check on the salsa.
Ate chips and salsa.

Woke up. Looked at clock. Went back to sleep. Drooled on pillow. Woke up again to sound of phone vibrating on counter.
Looked at number. Didn’t answer. Wondering how many voicemails it can hold. Drove to Toys R Us in search of Professor
X. Found two versions: black suit, blue suit. Black suit must be for special parties. Bought two black suits in case
the Professor wants to party a lot. Recalled how I almost bid $21 for Black Suit Professor on Yahoo Auctions last night.
Luckily, remembered how expensive gas is and turned off the phone. WAP devices are cool. Bought Marilyn Manson CD single
Long Hard Road Out of Hell last week from Amazon.com on my WAP capable digital phone. Listening to it now.
Wondering if my conservative Catholic neighbors next door fear me. Turning up volume.