02-Feb-1996 Uncategorized

thornton jr. high

It is miserably cold outside. Before leaving my house, I briefly toyed with the idea of bringing my cell phone with me. I chose not to. Oops. I drove up 529 with no problem until I got to Langham Creek. The car started to lose power right as I passed the school. flooring the gas turned out to counteract the sluggishness. I have diagnosed the problem in my head, thus far, that either my fuel filter is cloggy and needs to be replaced (preferrable) OR my fuel pump is scrwed up (not preferrable) OR there is a gas line kink somewhere (very not-preferrable). I’ll climb out into the car later and figure it out. In other news, at this time I am having an obsessive-compulsive moment. I’m wonder if I left my headlights on or not. Dammit! I must know! Be right back.

Okay. They were off. I knew that. I only slept two hours last night thanks to late night talks with Sarah. That might have something to do with my condition, perhaps? The third period bell just rang so I’ve got to go.

Okay, the test has been passed out. this class REALLY doesn’t know what they’re doing. It (their condition) is attributable to the fact that their math teacher is a Phys-Ed coach. At least, he’s dressed like a Phys-Ed coach. When I first came in he pointed at the seating chart and said, ”Here’s your lesson plan.” Then he went on to say, ”The tests are on their way” — only he said this really fast and I couldn’t understand what the hell he was saying. It sounds like ”Testerone Dawy!” I’m like, WTF? He kept acting like he was going to leave but, luckily, a student showed up with copies of the test and my miscomprehension delimma was soon over.

Back to this third period class — just as I suspected, they seem to have no idea what they’re doing. Must get through the day. I’ve decided that starting in fourth period after calling roll, I’m going to give a quicky review over these ”Solve For N” equations before they start their tests. I’m thinking I’m not the only person that doesn’t understand this guy when he speaks.