17-Aug-2000 Uncategorized

male call / black walls and no flashlight

Got mail. New Maxim Magazine, a bill, and a money order for 5 Canadian dollars. Can’t concentrate. Canadian
dollars are from some girl who wanted the prints I took of Seth Green.
Figured this was a quick way to make 5 Canadian bucks. Wondering how the hell I am supposed to cash this.
Flipped through Maxim. Semi-nude blonde vixens adorn pages. Biting humor appears to await me. Left mag in the middle
of the living room floor so I could find it again. Had lunch with two buddies. Hot dogs are good. Best Buy is good.
Bought an extension cord. Thought about how slow my 1993 Presario is. Gritted teeth. Left store. Bought gas on the way
home. Cursed under my breath at gas prices. Calculated how long it would take to drive 15 miles on a bike.
Gritted teeth again. Forgot final results. Friends night tonight. How did Monica get so fat?
Watched Sean get voted off the island on Survivor last night. Wanted to vote off the host.

Getting errands done today. Can’t remember the last time I washed my dogs (what year is this?). Just kidding.
Making vet appointments. Crazy vet wants to know why I don’t have an answering machine. Waiting for more words from
people to relax me. Going crazy waiting. Didn’t get a bat last night nor did I catch a fly ball. Whistled, but didn’t
annoy. Bought beer (Astro Ale) in giant plastic mug. 7 beer people stop me and want to know where I got such a cool ass
mug of beer. Pointed to aisle 108/109 sign. My seat was right behind the catcher. Thought about trying to confuse visiting
pitcher with cutting, sarcastic remarks. Couldn’t think of any.
Bought peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Spent $7. Visited Violett’s Rice Hotel loft apartment once again.
Calculating how hard it would be to move 1,200 action figures into a loft.