09-Feb-1996 Uncategorized

labay jr. high

I’m still at Labay after teaching here for five days. Got some assigned reading from college out of the way. What? I didn’t actually read every book that I was supposed to have read? How is that possible? Ahem. Ummm. Well, let’s just say it is. My blog entry on 11/29/1995 is coming to fruition this week (finally). I read Jonson’s ”Volpone” and now I’m reading Congreve’s ”The Way Of The World.” They were written 100 years apart. I can see the appeal for the Elizabethan age. Congreve’s work is not much like it, but I’ve only read 30 pages thus far. I think I’ll move on to an actual novel after this. At least I was able to complete the pseudo-okay Star Trek novel ”Federation” last year. It shouldn’t have taken me nine months to read a 300+ page book, however.

I’m going to renew my search for the perfect pen. I must use loaner pens while I’m penless. Pens From Heaven. You know, PENNIES FROM HEAVEN starring Steve Martin sucked, right? All it had going for it was some minor shock value thanks to the infamous lipstick nipples scene. I’ll bet that just that one scene got the movie made. Of course, the same execs in Hollywood that green-lit the movie probably never had to go on a search for a perfect pen. I’ll shut my yap now.

Time is running out for this math test. I love administering tests! So much quiet. So much time. So much room to cheat. This has got to be the only subject with a guaranteed percent of students who’ll cheat. Of course, I plead guilty because I know for a fact that I used crib notes at some point in time for a math test. I can’t remember when, but I’ve got that hanging guilt still in me somewhere. I believe the head of the math department poked her head in here just now to check for cheaters because she doesn’t trust The Sub to watch out for that stuff. She’s probably right, although part of that is that I’d rather not have any of these kids see me as their mortal enemy because I caught them with a formula written on the side of their pencil. I should stick to Biology and English.