05-Feb-1996 Uncategorized

miss my blue pen

I lost my blue pen at Thornton. It was actually stolen, but you can never be too sure about theft when you’re as absent-minded as me. Unless someone takes your clothes out of the dryer, for example, then theft would seem more obvious. I’m going through all the pens in Mr. Fuch’s desk (don’t laugh at this name, either). It’s pronounced ”Fewks.” I never know what to expect when I’m buying pens and how long we’ll be together. Wah.

The students in first period, especially one named Chris, are NOISY!

I always liked my EF (extra fine) uniball pens. I forgot about how cool they were. Mmm. Extra fine. Too bad people don’t have their personality displayed on a clip like pens do. What would they say? Extra Nice. Medium Jerk. Ballpoint Bum… all viable descriptions. I’m gonna stick with a red uniball pin for now. I still miss my blue pen.