minnesota pop

I was driving to work on Friday morning and was startled to witness a white bird with grey wings literally racing the car in front of me. The bird was easily flying 60 miles per hour. I kid you not. At first I thought tragedy would occur at any moment. I’ve seen birds unexpectedly fly […]


spider genius

It was cold last night so I figured I’d kill some time. I recently purchased an extra camera battery for my Canon Digital Rebel and I hadn’t really shot anything with it. I dragged my old Spider-Man costume from 2004 and slipped it back on. Fits well. I’m not that far off. I did a […]


rhythmic ceremonial ritual

Been busy writing lots of documentation at work this week to the point that I’m starting to get writer’s block. For every one thing that I’ve figured out how to resolve there’s two things that I have to figure out why I had to do anything about whatever it was giving me s*** in the […]


the chew chew experience

Last summer I was searching for a tiny camcorder to take with me to the Madonna concert. I bought a JVC HDD (hard disk drive) camcorder. I eventually returned it because it was large and bulky, but not before I filmed this snip of video featuring Chew Chew. Today I randomly decided to make this […]


may 16, 1985

This is wild. I’m converting my tapes and I’ve randomly selected a tape that I made for the Jersey Village High School band banquet on May 16, 1985. It’s 11 PM and Antoinette ”Toni” White and I have just finishing giving my ”Rock Me Amadeus” inspired senior will for Doug Caesar. The tradition is that […]


the total perspective vortex

Up late once again. Bought replacement memory for MONSTERBOX on Sunday after visiting the car show with Aaron, Wade and Crazy Carl. Saw the Lotus Exige on display and decided it could safely replace the Eclipse for a few years. Never heard of the Exige? Here’s a photo of one that’s for sale in downtown […]


washing the batmobile

Yes, the 1989 Batmobile Replica as driven by Michael Keaton as Batman and directed by Tim Burton… is dirty. So I washed it. This video was droll the first time I rendered it, so I threw an appropriate audio channel on top and doubled the speed of the video. Good times.


the super genius and mark wahlberg

"You’ll have to go around to the short red carpet, sir." I was perplexed by the nameless security guard, but took the situation in stride knowing that I was having a conversation with him because of a fortunate set of circumstances in the late 1990s. I walked around the fenced off red carpet and passed […]


the sentimentally handicapped journey

The weekend in Houston was quick and dirty. I used frequent flier miles to book the trip last minute as I was rapidly approaching the end of my time with the rental car in Minneapolis. Emptying my house and driving my car back were my main goals. On Thursday night, I arrived at 10 PM […]