22-Apr-2007 Uncategorized

lazy sunday

Sitting in my Minneapolis condo with 3 windows wide open, mini-blinds up, and watching a light rain pour down. SIRIUS channel 35 ”Chill” is playing relaxing tunes. Mildly entertaining to watch people go in and out of the Cheapo / Applause record store that’s directly across the street from me. Doing PHP programming and general ”me” stuff until 6 PM tonight. After that I’ll be catching up with my documentation writing for work, ticket management, an expense form I need to fill out, and even more programming tasks that are all JavaScript related. I’ll try to post another more in-depth update on the latest happenings of the Super Genius for this past week. In addition to the other half of my Austria podcast, I’ve got a DeLorean heavy podcast that I made last weekend. Freak alert! Yeah, it’s like that.

Mark Shields on a Lazy Sunday