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Want to watch part 1 of my trip to Europe podcast from last week? Here. Want to read about my trip to Europe last week? I suppose it would help if I told you how I met my travel partner Amy. I was hanging out at Nocturne nightclub in Philadelphia on Wednesday, September 15, 2004 […]


quick 1 word summaries

prague, berlin, munich, tv tower babies, jagermeister, cross club, neverlost, hertz, love shacks on the czech – german border, the u-bahn, and how to find your rental car after the german police tow it away.



It’s the beginning of Day 3 in Vienna and we are plotting the road trip that we’ll be taking over the next few days. Prague, Munich, and Berlin are for certain stops, but given than any one location is 6 hours away or less makes driving off somewhere else even more tempting. Saturday I got […]


lost in vienna

Well, I’m not really lost. I have a Hertz rental car with a NeverLost system in it. Right now I’m sitting in an internet cafe taking a break from trying to find the Wombat’s hostel. Other than that search, my biggest problem right now is figuring out how to use German keyboards. The Y and […]


second life

On Friday night I got a call from Cranky McCrankster Girl — also known as Breanna. Breanna and ”The Boyfriend” Chris live upstairs on the 4th floor in the official party loft apartment. I’ve already frequented their casa twice in so many weeks. How did I end up there? I was driving home after a […]



Did I say I was going to speak further upon the greatness that is DONNIE DARKO: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT? Well, sorry. Don’t have time. I do have enough time to congratulate Mark Wahlberg on his Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Wahlberg steals the show every time he’s in a scene in THE DEPARTED. Go […]


anti-gravity ideas

Saw DONNIE DARKO: THE DIRECTOR’S CUT at the Minneapolis Uptown Theater midnight show on Saturday night. That place is great. More on that later. In the meantime…


42 simpson impressions

I shot this after checkin’ out the videos of a couple guys doing a bunch of celebrity voices on YouTube. I do 42 voices although I miss on around 3 or 4 (especially Bart). I loves me the Simpsons! For some impressions I piped in audio through my headphones so I could hear the voice […]


the last few days of 2006

I was checking and rechecking my phone endlessly as noon approached. I could see gray skies through an adjacent office window. During one of my clock checking benders, I got into a brief planning discussion over a Team Project we’re working on. It was finally noon before the conversation had ended. I spared no time […]