slow to post…

Hey, sorry that I’ve been so slow to post as of late. I have a lot of updates but I’ve been out of town working in California and Texas for the last few weeks. I’ll be out again next week, but plan to work on posting a bunch of photos I’ve taken from with my […]


walking on the moon

Your order has been confirmed as: Event: The Police Venue: Xcel Energy Center Date: 7/3/2007 Tue Section: FLR L Row: 11 Seats: 999-1000


super genius movie reviews

I was flying back from Los Angeles to Minneapolis in the afternoon a week ago when I wrote this blog entry. I thought that I’d post some reviews of the films I’ve seen at the theaters recently. Sam is a huge movie fan and I haven’t had someone to see movies with for so long […]


the end of the soprano’s gave me a heart attack

I was watching the Soprano’s last episode with Sam when it suddently went to black moments before something crazy looked like it was going to go down. Blackness. Turns out that was the intended way they wanted the show to go out. Kind of a let down. I’m not sure if I’m more disappointed that […]


is this how superman feels?

For some reason my sense of smell today has been so incredible — I’m at a complete loss. I can smell *everything* and it’s completely bizarre. I knew something was amiss when I got into my car this morning and noticed several weird scents. At first I thought I smelled cat pee, but as I […]


the javaone experience

Sitting on my bed at the Raddisson Hotel in Orange County, California and listening to the distant sound of the showers in adjacent rooms. I’ve distinctly heard the soap drop several times in the shower within the room to my right. All this soap dropping reminds me about Paris Hilton and her impending journey to […]


at javaone

Quick update as i’m typing this on my phone. I’m in San Francisco for the JavaOne conference. I have my cameras, so expect something when i return. Sorry this is so short. Super Genius out!


austria trip podcast part 2

I’ve finally gotten around to editing down the second half of my Austria trip. My videocamera is mounted on top of my iRobot Scooba vacuum cleaner in the intro. The chill music is from a french group named AIR. It’s a track called ”Redhead Girl” on their recent album Pocket Symphony. After that, we pick […]


lazy sunday

Sitting in my Minneapolis condo with 3 windows wide open, mini-blinds up, and watching a light rain pour down. SIRIUS channel 35 ”Chill” is playing relaxing tunes. Mildly entertaining to watch people go in and out of the Cheapo / Applause record store that’s directly across the street from me. Doing PHP programming and general […]