31-Mar-2007 Uncategorized

rhythmic ceremonial ritual

Been busy writing lots of documentation at work this week to the point that I’m starting to get writer’s block. For every one thing that I’ve figured out how to resolve there’s two things that I have to figure out why I had to do anything about whatever it was giving me s*** in the first place. Whee! I’m keeping a diary now to keep things straight. I will never post that diary on this site because it will reveal how uber geeky I am even beyond how much I share on here. That’s saying a lot.

I posted a video collage on YouTube of my friend Dawn that I put together sometime around 1991. This was done on my camcorder using its magic flying erase head technology. In the olden days when videotapes were made from bearskins and steak knives, you’d record an ugly static gap whenever you’d pause the video tape and start it back up again. My camcorder, however, had crisp perfect edits between pauses. You could even leave gaps behind and fill them in later with the camera’s on-board video dubbing and audio dubbing features. I like the word dubbing. Dubbing dubbing dubbing. Ah. So, anyway, this was all linear editing which was painful if you had to insert something longer or shorter than the gap you left behind. Now you can use Windows MovieMaker or Adobe Premiere to do the same thing on the computer and it’s all non-linear. Shweet. So, yeah, I guess I am an uber geek. Oh well. In case none of that made sense to you, pretend I didn’t say anything and just watch this: