22-Mar-2007 Uncategorized

the chew chew experience

Last summer I was searching for a tiny camcorder to take with me to the Madonna concert. I bought a JVC HDD (hard disk drive) camcorder. I eventually returned it because it was large and bulky, but not before I filmed this snip of video featuring Chew Chew. Today I randomly decided to make this clip of my cute dog available for the world to see. Bask in his glory. Yeah, that camcorder filmed some good video. Now that I reflect upon my time with that camcorder, I also used it to film video of my ex-girlfriend Christina hooking up with another female friend of hers. The memories around that evening are not pleasant, unfortunately. As I vividly recall, Christina asked me if I thought her friend was attractive or not. At this point the only correct answer was, ”Not as attractive as you are!” However, I thought she was asking about it from an empirical perspective. And yes, I had been drinking. I was wayyyy off my game as a result. So, like an idiot I replied, ”Ah, she’s O.K. I guess?” That seemed like a safe benign answer. Bzzzt! We’re sorry, sir. Thank you for playing. It turned into a huuuuuge argument. Great lord a’mighty. So, remember folks, if your girl/boy friend asks you if someone else — anyone else — even a celebrity — is attractive or not, you should always always always respond with, ”No, they are butt ass fugly bugly and should have been killed at birth with a blunt rock.” No room for empirical honesty here, friends. Especially when love is on the line. Ah, love. And speaking of love… here’s Mark’s best friend… Chew Chew Shields!