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Mickey Leland Internation Airport In Houston, TX

Mark: "We're at the check-in window now."
Dawn: "Hi."
Peter Farrow: "Why don't you turn it on?"
Mark: "It IS on."
Peter Farrow: "Why don't you put a tape in it?"
Mark: "There is a tape in it."
Dawn: "Is it going?"
Mark: "Yes.  It's going.  We're being checked in now at the Continental
Terminal C and..."
Dawn: "It's taking forever!"
Mark: "It's taking... a little bit of time but we'll be checked in all the
way through Germany here in Houston."
Mark: "We're in Terminal C-5 at Houston Intercontinental Airport.  My dad
is here and I'd just like to get a few words from him..."
John Shields: "Don't die."
Mark: "Thankyou.  I'll take that advice.  Definately.
Dawn: "So, what do they do with all of the bathroom stuff?"
Mark: "They open a little hole up and, uh, out of the bottom of the plane,
and it just gets released."
Dawn: "Does it really?"
Mark: "And... yeah, they just dump it out whenever they fly over New York."
Mark: "The conversation right now has to do with..."
Peter Farrow: [interrupting] "How many tapes have you got?"
Mark: "Uhh... I've got..."
Mark: "As I was saying, the conversation had to do with whether or not these
were good planes and Dawn's opinion of that is..."
Dawn: "Huh."
Mark: "Huh -- which indicates that these planes are probably not very good."
Skip Farrow: "Vas Costin Dos?"
Mark: "What does that mean?"
Skip Farrow: "How much does that cost?"
Peter Farrow: "If you don't understand what they say, just get them to
write it down."
Skip Farrow [adding] "Get them to right it down.  The numbers look exactly
like they do in English."
Dawn: "Except they cross the sevens."
Skip Farrow: "Sometimes they do."
Mark: "Okay, we've just said our goodbyes.  Our parents are..."
Dawn: "...they're standing there staring..."
Mark: "...standing right over there...and, uh... we're waiting to be checked
into the plane.  We're still at Intercontinental Airport Terminal-C
gate C-5.
Dawn: "And... we leave in approximately..." [checks watch] "...twenty-five
Mark: "It's a long line and we're waving."
Dawn: "Yes, it's a very long line it's not moving at all."
Mark: [new age music plays in the background] "We're on the airplane right
now but it hasn't taken off.  We're in a quandary now because J.B.,
whoever he is at the ticket booth, managed to mess up our tickets."
Mark: "Problem has been resolved, in our favor" [laughs]
Dawn: "We're lucky."
Mark: "We're sitting in seats 26-G which is where I am and she's in 26-E,
and... we're just sitting here."
Mark: "Okay, we're on a plane and it's 3:41 PM Houston CST.  Right now 'Hand
That Rocks The Cradle' is on the flight thing.  It's cold in here."
Mark: "Okay, say it..."
Dawn: "It's 10:47... sorry... it's 10:42 in Germany right now."
Mark: "Right."
Pilot: [on loudspeaker] "...11-14 to Providence-K 1-14..."
Mark: [over pilot's voice] "We're receiving flight information right now and
it's really fascinating.  We just found out that once we land in
Newark, New York we don't have to travel too far.  It's in the same
terminal -- we don't have to go on, like, a bus.  Joy."
Mark: "Okay, so like, we've landed, and we saw the statue of liberty on the
way down and it was real small."
Mark: "Okay, this is photo number one, not counting the one I accidentally
took in my... in my room.  I'm at the airport in Newark.  I'm
standing by Terminal-A in a window.  There's planes taking off.  I
can see pretty much of the city.  It's kind of cloudy & downcast
so I hope this comes out."
Mark: "Well, I just winged it.  I should have taken a picture while this
plane was landing because the plane is landing right in front of
the twin towers that I just took a picture of.  So, if that's not
a complete sentence, too bad."
Mark: "Okay, we're on the plane now and it is..."
Dawn: [interrupting] "It's so exciting!"
Mark: "Yes, and it's uh... we're..."
Dawn: [interrupting] "Cloudy!"
Mark: "It's cloudy, outside.  And we're on the runway but I mean..."
Dawn: [interrupting] "And we saw the Empire State Building!"
Mark: "I mean, we're... we're still at the... what do they call those things?
The booth.  The thing where you walk in.  Gate 74."
Dawn: [adding] "We got a window seat."
Mark: "We got a window seat.  We talked them into it, I don't know how.
Actually we got, like, two and a half window seats.  We got TWO
window seats, really.  One for me and one for... one for her and
one for her.  She gets the window, but, you know, I can just lean
over and be obnoxious."
Dawn: "I get to see if we crash."
Mark: "Joy." [pausing] "Have I said that already?"
Pilot [on loudspeaker] "...on the 26th of May, we have free brochures and
pamphlets all throughout the aircraft, we do accept all major
foreign currencies..."
Mark: [speaking over pilot's voice] "Duty-free is, like, they hand this
booklet to you with all these things on it.  Like watches, perfumes,
and crap and you're supposed to think, 'My, it's so cheap, I'll buy
it.  There's no duty on it!'  And when you come to the United States
trying to get back, they make you pay a buttload."
Mark: "Okay, we're going down the runway now."
Dawn: "It's getting very loud."
Mark: "I'm trying to zip up my zipper."
Dawn: "Push back on the seat."
Mark: "G-forces are taking place."
Dawn: "We're going very fast."
Mark: "Yes, it looks like we've hit about 100 miles per hour.  My Toyota
would be running right alongside..." [pause] "Oh.  Now my Toyota
would be losing track."
Dawn: "Losing, losing, losing."
Mark: [baby in background] "Little baby going crazy."
Dawn: "The, the... front wheels aren't off yet."
Mark: "We're still just driving along."
Dawn: "This is the funnest part.  Ahhh... Ahhh... we took, we took..."
Mark: [interrupting] "The plane, the front of the plane is up."
Dawn: "And... take off."
Loudspeaker: "BEEP."
Mark: "What was that?"
Dawn: "I don't know.  Oh, you can smoke now."
Mark: "We can smoke now that we've...
Dawn: "Wheeeee!"
Mark: "...now that we've lifted off the ground, like that makes a difference."
Dawn: "The clouds.  The clouds are very low."
Mark: "Yeah, well, okay, we're up in the air.  We can't see much."
Dawn: "New York is on our left."
Mark: "I see some nice stuff.  Oh, what, New Jersey is on our right?"
Dawn: "Yeah."
Mark: "Well, there's a lot to be said about New York and New Jersey."
Dawn: "There's a lot of lights."
Mark: "There's Times Square right now there."
Dawn: "Where?"
Mark: "Not!  Oh.  You believe me?"
Dawn: "Here, here's the river, the river you go over to get to, uh... New
York.  Right here."
Mark: "Whatever it's called, right."
Dawn: "And the bridge.  Oh, there's a bridge!  Golden Gate... is that the
Golden Gate bridge?"
Mark: "No, the Golden Gate bridge is in San Francisco."
Dawn: "Same thing."
Mark: "No it's not.  Brooklyn Bridge, is in Brooklyn." [the plane tilts to
the right as it turns] "Oh wow!  We've got a good view.  We're panning
to the right.  We're on the right of the plane.  We're like... that's
a neat lookin'..."
Dawn: "It's a big barge."
Mark: "We've got a good view here.  Yeah.  We're going over some river, the
Hudson River I think."
Dawn: [laughing] "Some river.  We don't know.  Any river will do."
Mark: "There's some low-flying clouds right over here that I'm impressed by."
Dawn: "Not a very nice day in New York."
Mark: "No, it looks real smug and smoggy.  It kind of looks, like, you know
the game Zaxxon?  It has those, like, circular barrel things that you
can hit.  What?"
Dawn: "All that's got oil?  Or water?"
Mark: "Uhhh... it's oil.  What, in those tanks?"
Dawn: "Yeah!"
Mark: "That's oil."
Dawn: "Billions of tanks."
Mark: "Yeah, there's a lot of oil tanks.  Do you remember Zaxxon?"
Dawn: "No."
Mark: "Remember how it had a bunch of those?  It was that game that was like
moving... nevermind.  Ok, yeah, we've got a pretty darn good view.  I
thought that he (the pilot) said that the people on the left would not
be able to see."
Dawn: [barely audible] "There, that has to be the Empire State Building."
Mark: "Oh, we see... she sees the Empire State Building."
Dawn: "Not much to see.  There's too many clouds."
Mark: "It's not that bad.  I like it."
Dawn: "There are billions of lights."
Mark: "Probably attributing to a lot of... sky... pollution.
Pilot: [on loudspeaker] "...on our trip over into Frankfurt.  The Captain has
turned off the No-Smoking sign in the occupied seats within..."
Mark: [over Pilot's voice] "I hope there's no smoking where I'm sitting."
Mark: "Well, it's 3:48 AM Frankfurt, Germany time.  In Houston it's about
nine-something or eight-something.  Nine... I don't know.  Anyway,
so, we just had our little, gross, over-the-flight 'dinner.'  It
was a chicken and ravioli concoction -- we're not sure what it is.
With pepper-seasoned some-kind of salad dressing and mystery
chocolate desert with a side of ginger ale and it's pretty good."
[to Dawn] "What did you think of it?"
Dawn: "It sucked!"
Mark: "I think that pretty much just says it all."