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Vocabulary #15

Mrs. Dark						    Mark Shields
English I-1
January 23, 1984
Vocabulary #15
Root Word- nocturnas -in the night
Root Word- lemma -proposition; principle
151.  dilemma-(noun)-1. Situation requiring a choice between equally
undesirable alternatives; difficult choice.
{Sentence}- The mother faced a dilemma when her child was in need of a kidney.
152.  element-(noun)-1. Substance that cannot be changed into a less complex
substance by ordinary means.
{Sentence}- The Physical Science teacher stressed the importance of elements.
153.  nocturnal-(adjective)-1. Of, or occuring during night.
{Sentence}- The owl is a nocturnal animal.
154.  nocturne-(noun)-1. Musical composition of a dreamy, pensive, or romantic
character appropriate for the evening.  2. Painting of a night
{Sentence}- The orchestra chose to play a nocturne before ending the symphony.
155.  noctambulist-(noun)- One that specializes in people that sleepwalk.
{Sentence}- The noctambulist locked the patient's room so that he wouldn't
kill any more pigeons.
156.  abridgement-(noun)-1. shortened version of a work; condensation.
{Sentence}- The author did an abridgement of his own book for Reader's
157.  fortification-(noun)-1. Act, art, or science of fortifying.
{Sentence}- The fortification that protected the army was destroyed.
158.  decreed-(verb)-1. A decision or order issued by a court.
{Sentence}- The court decreed and condemned the building.
159.  assault-(noun)-1. Violent or vigorous attack.
{Sentence}- An assault on the man's life was provoked by his wife.
160.  suitable-(adjective)-1. That suits a particular purpose or occasion.
{Sentence}- Swimming in this weather isn't suitable unless it's over 80