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St. Goar, Germany Thru Wurzburg, Germany

Mark: "Strike that last entry.  Mental Note: Never bring a tape recorder out
in a public place.  NEVER!  Well, not in a restuarant.  Anyway,
we're going up a..."
Dawn: "...very steep hill..."
Mark: "...to Rheinfels Castle where..." [indecipherable] "...Anyway, I'm
damn tired, okay?"
Dawn: [panting] "No joke."
Mark: [also panting] "It is a steep hill!  Steep."
Dawn: "My car wouldn't make it.  There you go."
Mark: "That's saying alot.  Okay."
Mark: "We are in Rheinfels Castle.  Watch..." [yells] "Hey!" [echo effect]
"It's very large here and we're going into this thin damn little area
which leads out to some door.  Now, what is this?  Was this where the
drawbridge was?"
Mark: [echo effect, yelling] "Yeah, the staircase is to come down!" [quieter]
"We're going into a very dark room which we can't see the end of and
I think Dawn's gonna chicken out..."
Mark: [voice echoing] "Well, I've, never, seen, a castle, before!"
Dawn: "Let's go!"
Mark: "Okay, Dawn doesn't want me to go down farther..." [grumbles] "Darn."
Mark: [a clock tower chimes out in the distance] "That's the castle's bell
that kept me up all night long.  It's ringing eleven o'clock."
Mark: "I just took that picture of people walking down on the street.  A
bunch of people actually (several schoolgroups).  Let's see, I'm
writing my first card on a red table, err, chair.  Outdoor chair.
We're looking out and the water is right nearby and it's windy."
Dawn: [correcting] "It's pretty.  It's a nice day."
Mark: "Yeah.  Amazing.  I'm glad I wore shorts.  Really, really, really
glad.  I'm not carrying a jacket all the time.  But of course, I'm
probably going to regret that..." [indecipherable audio]
Mark: [On a boat traveling south on the Rhine river with audio of the
Lorelie song playing for two minutes.] "This incredible music has
to do with Lorelie and we're just like, 'Where is it?!'"
Loudspeaker On River Boat: "...thin, well-proportioned tower.  Also, the
medieval fortifications are easily visible.  Many of them in an
excellent state of preservation.  High up, over Hober Vasil (sp),
you can see the Sherin Burg (sp) which has partly been rebuilt and
now houses a hotel..."
Mark: [interrupting] "That was the picture I took of the boat with it's
fumes and you can see, right now, the castle on the top of a
Mark: "This is a highly fortified type place, castle, that I took a picture
of... somebody's house."
Dawn: [indecipherable audio]
Mark: "Ahhh..."
Mark: "Okay.  We're in a phone booth in Wurzburg, Germany."
Dawn: [pointing to her list of phone numbers] "See, this is it."
Mark: "Okay."
Dawn: "What should I say?"
Mark: "Uhhh... try to talk to her."
Dawn: "Here, hold this..." [hands Mark the phone list]
Mark: "...trying to call her friend Le Hang.  It's..." [examines phone] "I
think you dial the number and then it tells you how much it costs."
Dawn: "You think so?"
Mark: "Yeah.  It's kind of strange.  See..." [points at visual instructions
on the telephone] "You pick it up and then put in the minimum.  What
is the minimum?" [peruses the instructions further] "Damn, maybe
that's the minimum.  You got a dial tone, yet?"
Dawn: "There we go.  I guess so.  What's the number?"
Mark: "Oh, sorry.  Hold on.  Ha, ha.  We don't know what we're doing."
Mark: "Okay, well, she's dialing, the phone is ringing..."
Dawn: "Can I speak to Le Hang?" [pause] "Ugh."
Mark: "What?  What's happening?"
Dawn: [laughing] "They don't know English."
Mark: "No?"
Mark: [At Martin's house with television in background, whispering] "We are
at his house, now..."
Mark: [whispering] "Dawn is on the phone with Harold right now."
Dawn: [in a shocked voice] "Harold!"
Mark: "See?"