24-Aug-2005 superman

even more diversionary tactics

I’m home sick today. I’d been hoping to do some work with Actuate but I ended up drugged out sleeping most of the day. So, since I have nothing more of interest to say, I thought this would be an ideal time to post another edition of Deleted Scenes From Superman The Movie That I Thought Were Cool But Were Not Really Shown… Uhhh… Officially. Riiiiight. In today’s sequence, Larry ”I Dream of Jeannie” Hagman suggests a vigorous chest massage and mouth to mouth are the most appropriate medical responses for the unconscious blonde in the middle of the road. But wait! There’s more. Watch the video and you’ll see a lot more from Lex Luthor (with Otis screwing up the sabotage of a nuclear warhead) than you’d seen before. They cut the Otis part out so it would be more of surprise and not flat out obvious that he’d screwed up the plan. Okay, now watch.