16-Aug-2005 superman

more diversionary tactics

As I try to shrug off a possible sore throat today, I’d like to publish another round of my deleted scenes from SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE that I got off my 1982 recording of the ABC broadcast. This is just a quick reaction shot of the guys who are driving up to the scene of Miss Teschmacher lying on the road. They pretty much say ”Oh, wow! That’s pretty bad!” and many variations on that same theme. If you look closely, that’s Larry (I Dream of Jeannie, Dallas) Hagman saying that he’s going to call an ambulance. Larry had several lines in this sequence trimmed back. He’s totally hilarious. Just wait until the third scene gets published. But for the time being, watch this scene and wish that it was longer. That sounds bad. Oh well, too bad. I’ve gotta go. It’s hard writing these snippets, okay?