07-Sep-2005 superman

shut down

The following blog post is in honor of the brain crushing headache I’ve had for the last three days, plus as a final anecdote to the memory of the Relationship That Wasn’t Meant To Be™ with the aforementioned totally out of my league slash super-intelligent writer hottie Tisha. There will be no more practicing out loud of the phonetic saying of the name (“Teesha”). My self-imposed moratorium on the posting of all things related to SUPERMAN is now hereby lifted! To kick things off, I give you Gene Hackman, Ned Beatty and Valerie Perrine in the last installment of my ”Diversionary Tactics” deleted scenes series. My personal belief about why this scene was cut? Larry Hagman’s sudden unexplained absence, for one thing. Another? The filmmakers never bother to show the CORRECT SEQUENCE when Valerie Perrine is ”correcting” what Ned Beatty messed up in an earlier scene (because his ”arm wasn’t long enough”). She closes the panel and all the numbers are completely wrong. Duh. Dropped scene. Enjoy this one. Now I’m off to walk my dog and then hit the gym to do abs and cardio.