29-Jul-2005 superman



In this quick deleted scene from SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE, the reporters who have been watching Superman save Lois and the falling helicopter from crashing down are arguing over what just happened. I’m like: ”What’s the big deal? A man in a blue skintight suit just jumped into the air and defied gravity. A lot. Yeah, so, he didn’t really just jump because he was able to stop in mid-air and then change direction. It could happen.” This scene also contains a few extra seconds of Superman flying from right to left. They dropped this in lieu of cutting straight to the cool part where he rotates, then the camera rotates, and then he rotates once again. Personally, one thing about the camera guy in this shot — I wouldn’t be using a steadycam to film video of someone flying straight up above me, but that’s just me. If he wants to hold the camera awkwardly then have at it. This might have been as far back into the 70’s when local news used FILM instead of video. What a pain! Alright, I’ve stretched this subject way more than the 15 seconds of video requires. My next deleted scene update will feature driving in England. Figure that one out.