21-Jul-2005 superman

feeling catty


On Superman’s first night out protecting Metropolis, he spots a cat burglar scaling the side of a tall building. This extended sequence features said burglar passing a seemingly oblivious late night worker. My bet is that Donner took this out because the suction cups are making so much noise and it’s not believable that the guy inside the building couldn’t hear it. Another good point is that the cat burglar doesn’t get too far past this guy when Superman steps in and asks, ”Hi. Something wrong with the elevator?” This sends the surprised burglar plummeting and they show him falling a long, long way. Way longer than how far he just crawled between ignorant worker guy and Superman. My clip only consists of the cut sequence so close your eyes if you want it to keep going. Ahhh. Just think — SUPERMAN RETURNS is less than a year away. Yeah, I’m geeking out.