13-Jul-2014 Uncategorized

Back In Hotlanta

I’m posting a blog entry from the considerably better than before C terminal in the Atlanta airport. It actually has a considerably longer name than that, but I’m going to fallback on my position that I’m a lazy blogger and not bother looking it up. I’ve been here before — just search on Atlanta Airport and you’ll see multiple entries from 13 years ago. The quality of the airport in general is a bit more improved in many ways. Free wifi! Pretty glossy floors! Attractive passengers! Oh, wait, right, they already had those back in 2001. My theory that passengers traveling through this airport are more attractive than normal seems to be holding true. Come on and give the regular shlumpy people a fair shake, Atlanta!

I’m traveling to Philadelphia for business reasons but I’ll be visiting some tenants that I’ve never met before. Is it normal to never meet your tenants? I had three teachers in Houston living in my Country Wind house for years and we never met up. I even tried friending them to no avail. What, you can’t be friends with your cranky landlord who also happens to be super duper cool? Fine. I can see that my blogging persona is taking a sarcastic turn for the worse. I’m gonna blame my fiance’s similar caustic wit for that. Love!

I’m showing up later than usual because I traveled from Minneapolis to St. Louis where they sought volunteers to give up their seat for a travel voucher and later flight. I immediately sauntered up past Eating His Apple Too Loudly And Crunchily Next To Me Guy in retaliation for all those apple particles he grossly splayed on my left arm. Gawww! Lucky for me the voucher turned out to be for more than 500 bucks so hopefully that solves how I’m going to fly to Los Angeles and pick up my troubled van Black Magic from where it’s been hiding out in San Dimas these past few months.

Why did I buy that van again? Ragnar! I am wayyy behind in my body weight adjustment (I need to be 165 to 170 and right now I’m pushing 180) plus any semblance of running preparation. Hopefully traipsing all over Fort Washington this week will get my legs in check and prepared. Of course I forgot all my Garmin GPS stuff back in MSP so, meh, I won’t know if my heart is about to explode beyond 170 BPM without actually feeling it pre-explosion. I was briefly considering not running at all because I wouldn’t know how fast I was going, but I mean come on. Man up, Shields. I’m gonna eat a burrito now upon realizing calories will be burned shortly. Done. Probably shouldn’t have bought the Nacho Burrito from Baja Fresh now in retrospect. Is it still okay to throw up in the hallways here?

At least the garbage cans still thank you when you give them some trash to eat.