13-Jan-2017 Uncategorized

Shake it like a Polaroid picture

I recently purchased a tumbler off Amazon to clean up the little arcade machine parts that sanding just won’t take care of. Latches on the Donkey Kong machine and some carriage bolts are my main targets. Ideally anything that shows should be cleaned and restored if you can do it.

I bought some crushed walnut shell media from PetSmart last night and tossed in some countertop polish I had on hand as that’s what you do. Put this all together and let it run for a couple days and boom! Clean shiny parts. ​I’ll post an update when this finishes up.

​We did family dinner last night. Samantha usually cooks but occasionally we will hit up a franchise we haven’t been to in a while and give their menu a whirl in large proportions. Popeye’s won the toss and I’d have to say first it was the most beautiful Popeye’s I’d ever been to (Beltway 8 and Gessner on the NW side). Secondly the staff were super nice and the food was tasty. I’d do it again. I didn’t take a photo of the spread but we put everything in regular home containers to give it that de-badged look.