29-Jul-2014 arcade games

Solved! WTF Is The 5-Pin RGB Monitor Input Connector for Jamma Wire Harnesses?!

I purchased a Millipede arcade game a few weeks ago that was having a dim monitor issue. Inside I found a Matsushita TM202G with what I figure are neck gun issues. I reflowed solder on all the boards and recapped the chassis and got — only a slightly less dim version of what I had before. Nice. Perhaps a re-juve can solve the issues with the monitor but in the meantime I went looking for replacements. I bought one off CraigsList and another off eBay just to prevent the same thing from happening again by keeping spares around. Is this a new form of hoarding? Not sure yet. Anyway, I got a Wei-Ya 2820H chassis with an LG CRT attached. It had a mysterious 5-pin monitor input connector for an RGB connection (5mm between pins) that didn’t match up with the my mostly standard Atari PCB video connectors. So I started Googling. And Googling. I used keywords like 5pin RGB cable and Wei-Ya Video Input Connector and RGBEHV cable and whatever else I could think of. I found tons of forum posts with people asking what the heck the cable was but everyone called it a fake junko Asian cable and suggested lopping it off. Well, you can’t really lop off the MALE connector on the chassis [crossing my legs] now can you? So I asked the guys at JohnsArcade.com if they had any clues and they pointed me in the direction of the standard Jamma harness. Jamma games use a fairly standard set of cables and this monitor input cable was included in the huge loom of wires. I just wanted the one cable so it took another couple hours before I finally discovered the true origin! JST makes this cable and it’s found under their “wire to board” section. Here’s a link to the dang thing — part number 5P-SVF-V — called a 5-Pin V-Connector. I kind of wonder if there is any interest for someone making an adapter cable for going male standard to female JST 5P-SVF-V and then vice/versa going from the JST 5P-SVF-V cable (which again comes in every Jamma harness) so that it’s more monitor standard. Dude, that’s a good idea. Hmmmm. I hope this makes sense after I post it.