28-Apr-2007 Uncategorized

austria trip podcast part 2

I’ve finally gotten around to editing down the second half of my Austria trip. My videocamera is mounted on top of my iRobot Scooba vacuum cleaner in the intro. The chill music is from a french group named AIR. It’s a track called ”Redhead Girl” on their recent album Pocket Symphony. After that, we pick up where we left off in Berlin, Germany standing in front of the police station. This station is located on the former East German side. This video is quite heavy on the Amy this time around. I think she got tired of running the camera. From there we’re back in our car and Amy is trying to get her service provider to come up in her phone. The next scene is in Sarah and Greg’s house. They’re friends of Amy from Philadelphia with Greg stationed in Bavaria Germany. Amy is writing postcards and I’m prompting all questions. Then it’s onward to a Sanifair Tank & Rast auto-cleaning toilet. Yes, you read that right. You have to watch the video to see. These places are the rest-stop of the European world (or the lay-by as the UK folks call it). Quite interesting. Finally, the last half of the video is a quick trek to the hot dog stand near Amy’s house where we buy these specially prepared kaesa kreiner (cheese hot dogs) that are stuffed in french bread. I went off my chicken-seafood-egg-dairy exclusivity to eat these. Quite tasty! I’ll only eat them when I’m in Austria, however. This episode is just under 10 minutes in length

Below is part 1 of my video (now embedded thanks to YouTube) in case you missed it previously.