21-May-2007 Uncategorized

is this how superman feels?

For some reason my sense of smell today has been so incredible — I’m at a complete loss. I can smell *everything* and it’s completely bizarre. I knew something was amiss when I got into my car this morning and noticed several weird scents. At first I thought I smelled cat pee, but as I concentrated I could tell that I was smelling three distinctly different things: the leather, the plastic in the interior, and the towel I used to clean the seats with when I had my car washed this past weekend. As the day progressed my nasal sensitivity became stronger and stronger. Lordy! A trip to the bathroom was terrible. Late in the day I started smelling things that people were eating from way across the room. I observed someone walking across an area and holding something. When I crisscrossed where they’d just walked I could totally smell their entire meal. In fact, a guy I work with was eating a bag of jalapeno chips and I could smell them from at least 50 feet away. While most smells have been pleasant, I just got back from Whole Foods and… wow. When you can smell that many things all at the same time. Not so good. I’m home now and I’m quite happy that my apartment’s air conditioner is diffusing the scent of the Chewster. I have no idea how this happened or how long it’s going to last. I kind of want to walk around the house and smell everything I own in case just to make sure everything is… normal? What a bizarre day!!!