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you never post anymore!

I’ve fallen off the frequent blogger wagon. This is true. I’m super busy with my work (sometimes working up to 16 hours a day for the last week) and then still try to find some time with my girlfriend when I’m not asleep or driving to or fro. I’ve figured that I could blog more […]


38 evolver

Today I’m another year older and another year wiser, but am I wiser because I inadvertently picked up knowledge along the way? I’m thinking: Yes. While it is true that I read about trivial things such as why PHP 5 is so much better than PHP 4, but the normal reader of my blog won’t […]


snap to it

Snap Fitness is moving into the building next door to me. My girlfriend gave me a card yesterday that said we were hamsters. I need to get a trainer from Snap before I really turn into one. I’m more of a lean jack rabbit myself.


podcast 11: back to the future the ride

On August 2, 2007 I visited Universal Studios in Hollywood to attend a press conference early in the morning. BACK TO THE FUTURE: THE RIDE was being retired in 30 days, and Universal intended to send the ride off into the sunset with a full blown conference complete with a visit from 100 DeLoreans, Christopher […]


slow to post…

Hey, sorry that I’ve been so slow to post as of late. I have a lot of updates but I’ve been out of town working in California and Texas for the last few weeks. I’ll be out again next week, but plan to work on posting a bunch of photos I’ve taken from with my […]


walking on the moon

Your order has been confirmed as: Event: The Police Venue: Xcel Energy Center Date: 7/3/2007 Tue Section: FLR L Row: 11 Seats: 999-1000


the end of the soprano’s gave me a heart attack

I was watching the Soprano’s last episode with Sam when it suddently went to black moments before something crazy looked like it was going to go down. Blackness. Turns out that was the intended way they wanted the show to go out. Kind of a let down. I’m not sure if I’m more disappointed that […]