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the day in review

My first day back to work happened with my arrival later than planned. I have a computer in my ”office” connected 24/7 so I’m never far from the action — or the inaction. I have a radical idea that I plan to implement which should set some people spinning. It’s one of those ideas you […]



I see that my proofreading skills need some brushing up on based on last night’s hasty entry. To quickly recap… The dinner at Heidi’s was great in that the company was so entertaining. I learned that the usual New Years fireworks show had been canceled due to lack of public interest. Not a shock considering […]


the matrix: resolutions

Finding time to blog has proven a bit challenging. Have I been busy? Well, I’ve taken some paid time off from work, but I’m still ending up losing about 80 spare hours because of my schedule. I’m going to take that all in stride since I did get to have a fairly extensive tour of […]


life in progress

I have an older blog entry that I began on November 2, 2007 where I was going to use my bank statement along with photos taken with my iPhone to present a clear picture of what the heck I was up to that month. I’ve got a number of errands to run today, but I […]


hairline documented

Two photos from yesterday courtesy of my iPhone. The first is of Samantha taking a swig while waiting for the highlights and lowlights to burn in. The second is of some other salon patrons getting their dye on.



Waiting here at River-something salon as my girlfriend is getting her hair done. Today we are going for some red and dark blonde lowlights to mix in with her default Swedish blonde locks. This is the second time I’ve been here with the first being in mid June. I get my locks chopped at a […]


always sunny

The caramel machiotto from Carribou is not the same as the one from Starbucks. Wow. I’m still coming down from that caffeine high. Dude. Micro brew was what it was. My heart is still pounding and it’s been eight hours. I can see into tomorrow, man. Lordy. My car is out of alignment, the tires […]


blogging on the iPhone

I’m posting this from my iPhone while watching top chef at the girlfriend’s house. We’re supposed to meet up with Team Chaos at the Park Pub bowling alley. The bar opened at 8 but cosmic bowl doesn’t start until 10. I have no idea what that means… But I will. Okay this will be short […]


minnesota state fair 2007

I’ve decided that I shouldn’t promise to do anything because it makes me not want to do whatever it was that was promised. Recent example? I fully intended to post all my Minnesota State Fair photos online after I returned to the confines of The Shields Lair. This did not occur, however. Given that time […]