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you should watch this all day

Watch new FLICKR photos posted in real-time geographically in this fascinating mash-up. Thanks to ”Crazy” Carl for ruining my recent streak of doing 100% work during work this year. Don’t watch this. It’s some kid trying to explain how to get AlienWare skins for free — I think. You can *barely* understand what the heck […]


down the hollister

I’m at Hollister in the Mall of America. My GFF is perusing the fine fashions of the San Diego beach set while I blog on the iPhone a few feet away. My right ankle is definitely twisted but not as injured as I feared. I’d call it a light sprain. I won’t be doing any […]


twist and shout

I’m blogging and driving. Don’t try this at home. It’s frozen slick conditions outside. I didn’t realize this until I slipped on the ice and twisted my right ankle. Ow. Ow. Ow. It’s only been 10 minutes and I can tell this is not going to go over very well. I’ll be back. Trying to […]


nude sushi

I was taken aghast at the concept of Nyotaimori. That’s the rare Japanese practice of eating sushi off of a naked woman’s body. Nantaimori is the dude version. Shocking, yet not surprising given the liberal maturity of Minnesota’s residents. My girlfriend Samantha informs me that a cast member from the reality television show THE SURREAL […]


the googler returns

I was thinking about posting something fictional about my trip to Google. Didn’t happen. Why? It seems that the dreaded blog apathy has stricken me yet again. Well, there is this one thing I’ve been blogging about elsewhere, but it requires some explanation. I was briefly caught up in the drama of the 90 Day […]


I’m at google today

I shall have a longer entry later to share with you about my trip to Google headquarters today. I took 6 meetings over the phone during my 6 hour ride here so I’ve been productive in that respect. More to come.


comcast the first stone

I am annually challenged to tussle with my cable service provider over the matter of cost. Whlle there are some televisions shows that I enjoy watching on occassion, I probably view less than 3 percent of what’s on. Paying full price for cable is for suckers, I say. I have yet to figure out how […]



What up? Not much here. Friday night and my schedule is wide open. This morning I had my third visit from the condo maintenance dude. When I dropped off my rent check a few days ago I included my list of grievances… which aren’t that impressive. The list included where to find my burned out […]


movies you should see

I was thinking about posting a review about two films that I recently enjoyed, but instead I’m just going to tell you. JUNO and I AM LEGEND are really, really good! If you like laughing or having the crap scared out of you then these are the films for you. I’m told that since I […]


the day in review

My first day back to work happened with my arrival later than planned. I have a computer in my ”office” connected 24/7 so I’m never far from the action — or the inaction. I have a radical idea that I plan to implement which should set some people spinning. It’s one of those ideas you […]