27-Aug-2007 Uncategorized

38 evolver

Today I’m another year older and another year wiser, but am I wiser because I inadvertently picked up knowledge along the way? I’m thinking: Yes. While it is true that I read about trivial things such as why PHP 5 is so much better than PHP 4, but the normal reader of my blog won’t give a flip about that. What about those three times I saw SPIDERMAN 3? I was learning about inner conflict, apparently. As a bonus, I also know exactly what to do in case an evil symbiote from outer space becomes attached to my body.

Speaking of inner conflict — it appears that Luke Owen Wilson has attempted suicide. WTF? You know, Owen, I used to buy old pinball machines whenever I was feeling down and out. Right now I only have the one machine, but I’ve gone through many in the past. Charlie’s Angels pinball — you girls kept me going when no other girls would talk to me. There was something therapeutic about electro-mechanical gaming that you don’t get out of the daily dose of E! and paparazzi stalkers and dates with Kate Hudson. Next time you spot a razor blade while in a drug induced haze, go sit down at your desk and load up eBay and do some bidding. Bidding will also help you learn the fine art of being Easy Going. I wouldn’t be the age I am if it weren’t for being extremely easy going. Upon doing some research on Mr. Wilson, I’m surprised to learn that he and I are the same age — at least for the next few months. Perhaps Owen didn’t watch SCOTT BAIO IS 45 AND SINGLE. That show is an eye opening look at what happens to the lifelong bachelor. Great final episode on that show in case anyone out there is watching the former Charles in Charge.

So, I’m all over the map this morning as I ponder my latest rotation around the sun. I’m going to the Minnesota State Fair in a few minutes and will hopefully have enough non-procrastinating moments to file a report on how that went. I’m document heavily using my cell phone, so if I’m smart I’ll upload the lot of photos and add my usual sarcastic / witty comments beneath them. In the meantime, have a nice day, and don’t forget to stir the dramamine.