21-Sep-2007 Uncategorized

you never post anymore!

I’ve fallen off the frequent blogger wagon. This is true. I’m super busy with my work (sometimes working up to 16 hours a day for the last week) and then still try to find some time with my girlfriend when I’m not asleep or driving to or fro. I’ve figured that I could blog more if I could get photos from my phone automatically uploaded as I drive between work and girlfriend and home. I’m calling my breaks — these brief moments — Me Time. Irregardless (which is not a word but I use it anyway in honor of any Bostonians who may be reading this blog), I’m due for some blogging when I can find a spare moment… but not right now. Instead, check out this awesome new Amazon Wishlist Widget. It’s customizable. Woo! I know you’re impressed. No, I’m not suggesting that anyone should get me anything — I just wanted to try out the widget (it was announced this morning). More to come.