01-Jan-2008 Uncategorized


I see that my proofreading skills need some brushing up on based on last night’s hasty entry. To quickly recap… The dinner at Heidi’s was great in that the company was so entertaining. I learned that the usual New Years fireworks show had been canceled due to lack of public interest. Not a shock considering it was 5 degrees Celsius outside. The food arrived a full hour after we ordered. Unfortunately,, however, it was nothing to blog about. Since I’m blogging anyway, I will say that the lobster was rubbery and the pheasant was bland. Meh. After Samantha and I adjourned at 11:30 PM, we popped over into St. Paul where we hung out with one of Sam’s lifelong friends. I didn’t manage to advertise my Real World site to he childrens… err… the attendees. Campus police kicked us out after 1 AM. Quiet hours were to blame. Lame! We headed back into Minneapolis and called it a night.